These are twelve songs I wrote over the course of twenty years.
They were recorded on an eight track digital recorder in a bedroom in Las Vegas, NV over a three month span in 2010. I then created the master recording and sent it off to be manufactured into CDs.
I programed the Drums and Bass on the computer, but the rest is all sound on sound dubs by myself as far as other instruments and voices are concerned. Also, there is NO Autotune!! Tamara sings on "Anytime", but ya gotta listen close! I just wanted a "Background" pad for my voice, and her voice was perfect even though she hadn't even really started singing yet. Our late dog "Buddy" makes a cameo on "Barney's Tune" (Nope...not the song the purple dinosaur sings!) It's about a dog I once had, but more, it's kind of about all of the furry type kids that I have had over the years.
"A Song" the very last song is for my Uncle Ted, and how someone can lose themselves...and their dreams.
This album has some Blues, some Country, Folk, and Hell...even a little Rock, but I really don't like to put my songs in any category.
I just hope these songs hit close enough to home with somebody, that the $15 they spent on the CD was worth it :-)   ~ Brad